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The Energy is so valuable and we must carry out culturally oriented tasks to fairly consume and save it.

The electrical power, as one of the main sources of energy consumed by the human being, has an especial place to care about. Considering the huge costs of efficient generation and transmission of this type of energy, we must aim to rightly improve and optimize the quality and quantity of our distribution networks.

In this regard, the Reactive power compensation is a very important issue in the electrical power systems considering the operational, economical and quality aspects of the services rendered.

Reactive power must be compensated to guarantee an efficient delivery of active power to loads, thus releasing system capacity, reducing system losses, and improving the power factor of electrical networks.

Parto Khazen Co. (PKC) in manufacturing top quality PFC Capacitors in variant models and types based on customer-oriented policy and backed up by high level technical staff and equipments, is there to accompany you in achieving the above improvement goals. Nowadays, PKC Capacitors and other products are being used in many local and international electrical projects.


Introduction :

Parto Khazen Co. (PKC), Private Joint Stock Company was founded in Year 1996. The factory was built up in an area of 10,000 m² located near to Tehran. The company activity was started by Aluminum Metalizing of Polypropylene Film and manufacturing Motor Run and Power Factor Correction (PFC) Capacitors. Later on: in the year 2003 the Zinc Alloy Metallization plant was built up and started in the factory.

PKC has obtained and lunched a full production line as well as  testing equipments with related know-how for medium voltage (MV) PFC Capacitors recently.

Therefor PKC is manufacturing MV Capacitors in single and 3 phase in different varieties of power and voltage levels.

PKC had a normal grow up and has got bigger and bigger over the years and is currently providing a broad range of products and services including variant models of PFC  LV & MV Capacitors, Fixed & automatic Capacitor Banks as well as Motor Run Cap. that are manufactured according to the latest IEC standards and based on the latest technology concepts and developments.


The annual capacity of PKC production lines is 5000 MVAR of PFC Capacitors and 4'000'000 Pcs. of Motor Run Cap. PKC has the potentiality of Designing & Manufacturing other in-the-field especial products ordered in feasible volume and quantity.

PKC has already employed about 80 qualified engineers and skilled workers up to now. During the past years the company has been widely expanded and showed remarkable progress. Years of collecting experiences, good reputation & diversified resources and talents all together with continual development in the product's variety and quality made of PKC one of the greatest and most efficient and reliable manufacturer of AC capacitors in the Middle East.

PKC in possessing technological know-how and in employing highly skilled specialists, succeeded in obtaining the "VDE" product's quality type test certificate. This certificate proves the high quality of LV PFC Capacitors.

Also, PKC could obtain the following management quality certificates  from TÜV, IMS Management system, ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018. PKC was dedicated different standard quality certificates for LV & MV Cap from the Iranian important authorities like: E.P.I.L ,the University of Science & Industry, NRI (Iran Power Researches Institute) & etc.

PKC name is listed now in the vendor lists of many Iranian organizations like Tehran & other Regional Electricity Companies, the Fuel Consumption Optimization Company and the Petroleum Products Procurement company one of the most reliable manufacturer of PFC Capacitors.

High quality with competitive prices made of PKC having a major share of the domestic market as well as an attractive reputation in some foreign markets where its products have been exported to. Based on the above, PKC could export its capacitors to more than 15 foreign countries in Europe and Asia - Middle East countries.

Competition has not affected PKC quality or attraction and its reputation is spread out by everyone using its capacitors. PKC capacitors are recommended by word of mouth to different companies and customers nation & worldwide .