PKC Capacitor / About Us / Goals and Strategy

Parto Khazen Co,. (PKC) , according to it’s national and International mission ,respecting national and international standards by applying update technologies has aimed following strategic goals :

1)Improving power quality through power factor correction (PFC) , by design ,manufacturing and applying apporopriate LV (Low voltage) capacitors .

2)Power factor correction and preventing voltage drop in network upstream and reducing energy loss by design and manufacturing MV (Medium Voltage ) capacitors .

3)Recognition, analysis and diagnosing clients electrical systems then offering technical solutions by means of design and producing capacitors, capacitor duty contactors, reactors & regulators and building &installing capacitor banks .

4)cooperation with globally reputed enterprises.

5)Developing and manufacturing new products synchronous with global trend and customer’s needs.

We believe that designing and producing high quality products ,not only gives assurance and trust to our customers and helps national and global economy ,but also can play an effective role in reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gases and consequently can help to protect the environment.