Three-phase, Single-phase Cylindrical Power Factor Correction Capacitors

General Specifications:

The power factor correction (PFC) capacitors produced by this company are manufactured using new technology (polypropylene film with self-healing capability) and according to the latest edition of international standards IEC60831-2.

Polypropylene film (BOPP) is used as a dielectric in these capacitors, and a very thin metal layer is placed on this film as an electrode in a vacuum environment.

One of the most important advantages of this type of capacitor is the possibility of self-healing. This means that the failure of the capacitor's insulation due to the overvoltages created is resolved in a very short time (a few microseconds) and the capacitor continues to work almost without losing its capacity.

Another feature of the capacitor made by this company is the protection system used in it. This system is activated in the effect of increasing the internal pressure of the capacitor when it becomes defective and cuts off the electric current inside the capacitor and prevents the capacitor from bursting.


-  Low Voltage distribution networks.

- Fixed & Automatic capacitor banks for centralized compensation.

- Installing on electric motors, transformers & lighting circuits and…Individual or group   compensation.

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