Box Type Power Factor Correction Capacitors (Three-phase)

General Specifications:

The power factor correction (PFC) capacitors produced by this company are manufactured using new technology (polypropylene film with self-healing capability) and according to the latest edition of international standards IEC60831-2.

Polypropylene film (BOPP) is used as a dielectric in these capacitors, and a very thin metal layer is placed on this film as an electrode in a vacuum environment.

One of the most important advantages of this type of capacitor is the possibility of self-healing. This means that the failure of the capacitor's insulation due to the overvoltages created is resolved in a very short time (a few microseconds) and the capacitor continues to work almost without losing its capacity.

Electric fuse is applied as a safety mechanism in this type of capacitors.


Three Phase fixed bank capacitors are used to improve the power factor and compensate the reactive power in LV systems like:

·      Automatic Capacitor Banks

·      Installed in the fixed consumers like electromotors, transformers, pumps used in agricultural wells, in industrial areas & etc. in individual or group forms…

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